Premiere Training Classes

Power Class

High Power is for skaters who have passed Juvenile MIF or higher. Low Power is for skaters working on Pre- Preliminary MIF through Juvenile MIF.

Artistry In Motion

High AIM is open to skaters who have passed Juvenile MIF and higher. Low AIM is open to skaters who have passed Basic 5 through Juvenile MIF.

Ice Dance

High Ice Dance Class is open to skaters working on Pre-Silver through International Dances. Low Ice Dance class is open to skaters new to ice dance through the Bronze Dance level.

Moves in the Field

High Moves is for skaters working on Intermediate through Senior MIF. Low Moves is for skaters working on Pre- Preliminary through Juvenile.

Advanced Turns and Twizzles

This class is available to skaters that have passed their Senior MIF test, or who are working on their Junior or Senior moves that want additional opportunity to work on skills. It will focus on superior technique of turns, posture and body lines.

High Spins

High Spins is for skaters at the juvenile free skate level and higher. This class will be geared towards maximizing points with leveled spins.

High Jumps

High Jumps class is for skaters who have or are working on double jumps and above.

Theatre and Expression

This class will focus on interpretation to music, story telling and emotions and how to bring that out during your performance on the ice.

Track your Progress

This class will help teach skaters how to train on their own, and be accountable for their practice when not in a private or group lesson. Skaters will learn journaling techniques to assist in reflecting their success and passion for the sport.

Off Ice Spins

Off ice spinning is the new wave for learning new positions and balance in spinning. It will bring a new perspective and guaranteed to improve your spinning on ice. This class will include an off ice spinner. Class is limited to 10 per class.

Off Ice Jazz Dance

This class will focus on expression through sharp movements, long lines and strong extensions.

Off Ice Contemporary Dance

Contemporary dance will focus on the feeling of movement, using your full body, learning to project both internal and external emotion.

Off Ice Jump/Harness

This class will give skaters the opportunity to work on the off ice jump harness while learning the off ice jump technique. This class is limited to 10 skaters.

Off Ice Strength and Conditioning

This class will focus on the muscle groups, extension, and stamina specific for figure skating.