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Kettle Moraine Figure Skating Club runs the Learn to Skate USA program at the Kettle Moraine Ice Center. We offer all classes including:
  • Basic ice skating classes
  • Figure Skating, Basic and Advanced classes
  • Beginning Hockey classes
  • Specialty Classes for Figure Skaters
  • Adult learn to skate classes
Skating is a sport one can participate in individually or as a member of a team, recreationally or competitively, throughout one's life. It is fun, creative and challenging. It involves the development, practice and execution of skills that one progressively learns and builds on over time. Figure skating provides a wonderful opportunity for children of all ages to learn physical and mental skills to engage in a sport that is creative, challenging and fun. As parents supporting our children in their development, we look for information that will help us make informed decisions as we support our children in their activities. We hope the information we make available will provide a useful and helpful resource about figure skating and the basic skills of the sport (info. provided from the USFS website).

Please click on this link to learn more about learning to skate: 
The Learn to Skate USA program is endorsed by the following: US Figure Skating, USA Hockey, and US Speed skating associations. To learn more, visit: