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KMFSC is a 100% volunteer run club!  We need your help to run a successful club!

All club member families will be required to complete two requirements for volunteer/service:

1. Volunteer/Service hours at required events where you have a child participating. (Test session, competition & ice show). An online sign-up will be distributed for these events as we approach their start date / as we get closer to the actual event.

2. 8 additional volunteer/service hours.

Family Volunteer Sign-Up Link for 2023/24 Season - Session 1:

Family Volunteer Sign-Up Link for 2023/24 Season - Session 2:

Family Volunteer Sign-Up Link for 2023/24 Season - Session 3:

Family Volunteer Sign-Up Link for 2023/24 Season - Session 4:

Session 5 link coming soon!

Once you sign up for a shift, it is your responsibility to show up or find a substitute. We also ask that you stay for the full shift you signed up to run. If you leave early, credit for the hours will not be given.

Volunteers needed for:
  • Skate Rental Room
    • Hand out ice skates for rent during learn to skate classes on Sunday evenings (rentals are included with the registration and you do not need to collect money)
    • Clean up the skates when the student turns them in at the rental counter (spray inside the skate with provided cleaner, wipe the blades, stick the laces inside the boot, and put the skates away according to size).
    • Close up and lock the skate rental room if you are running the final shift of the night (6:45 PM is when the last LTS class ends on Sunday night)
  • Ice Monitor
    • Keep track of skaters on the ice
    • Make sure a skater entering the ice is listed on the schedule and check them in
    • If a skater has not registered / paid for their ice - they are not allowed to step on the ice